Hello! Chances are we’ve already met…at your local accredited farmers market, here in Victoria. But if we haven’t yet had the privilege, then please let us introduce ourselves…

We are the Fisher family – fourth generation citrus farmers from Narrung, in North-West Victoria. Established in 1938 our family have been farming citrus along the banks of the Murray River for over 80 years! So it’s safe to say, we know what makes a good piece of fruit!

Farming is a passion and we pride ourselves on producing quality, great tasting produce that is picked at maturity, is full of juice and is pesticide, fungicide and wax free.

How did we come about farmers markets, might you ask? Not all too long ago our family endured a decade long drought and collapse in the Aussie export dollar. At crisis point a semi-trailer load of our beautiful fruit amounted to no more than a pitiful $500, and unable to cover picking costs it was cheaper to leave the fruit on the trees to rot!

Fast forward twelve or so years…and we’ve overcome many a challenge, to now grow a wide and diverse range of seasonal produce. And it’s not just the varieties of produce that we have expanded but our farming locations too! We want to provide our loyal customers with premium farm-fresh produce year-round and what better way to achieve this than to extend our growing seasons and branch out into the green grasses of Gippsland.

High upon the ridge at Nambrok, in Central Gippsland is where you’ll find the makings of our artisan preserves – traditional marmalades and specialty jams, sweet and savoury pickles and infused balsamic vinegars… And in the not-too-distant future will be cool climate citrus, avocados and more!!

If you want quality, fresh, seasonal produce then please get in touch. We attend farmers markets each and every weekend and would love to meet you in person and answer any questions you might have. So please keep an eye out here and across our socials; Facebook and Instagram to find out where we are and share in our journey…But just like in farming, ‘keep your dusty hat on’, because a great eating orange takes more than a season to grow.

The Fisher family


This is the story of a Gippsland girl, a Murray boy and a heritage citrus farm.

You can take the girl out of Gippsland but you can’t take Gippsland out of the girl… And so began the adventure to grow cool climate citrus in the rolling hills of Gippsland.

‘Oranges aren’t grown in Gippsland’…or are they? It might come as a surprise to know that there are varieties of cold tolerant citrus, ideal for growing in the cooler climate of Gippsland in South-East Victoria.

High upon the ridge at Nambrok, in Central Gippsland is the sister property of Kingfisher Citrus. An elevated seventy five acres of sandy loam soil with sweeping views of the Holey Plains National Park.

The farmhouse is built and so too the packing shed. The irrigation dam dug and trial plots are planted. With water secured the plantings will begin. Acres upon acres of lemons, limes and oranges… and did we mention avocados?!

Simmering on the stove in the farmhouse kitchen, is the makings of our artisan preserves. Made by hand and with love from the raw fruits harvested on our heritage family farm, is a selection of traditional marmalades and specialty jams, sweet and savoury pickles and infused balsamic vinegars.

Whilst we know that a great eating orange needs time to grow… you needn’t go without! For we have the exciting new addition of a roadside Farm Shop – opening this June 2019! All seasonal produce you’ve come to know and love, from our farmers market stall, will be at our Farm Shop for you to enjoy!

‘A taste of Sunraysia in the rolling hills of Gippsland’ – trace the taste.

Kingfisher Citrus