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The Meyer lemon is notably sweeter and less acidic than a traditional lemon, with a delicate, complex
perfume. The deep golden colour, roundness and smooth rind of the Meyer are all prized attributes of
its mandrain orange heritage. A more subtle variety, enjoy pure lemon flavour without the intense acid.

• Picked and packed with care
• No harmful insecticides or pesticides
• No post harvest fungicide, wax or gas ‘degreening’
• Direct from our orchard to your postal address only days after picking


Ingredients: Fresh Australian Meyer Lemons. Approximately 30-35 fruits / 5kg.


Shipping: All fresh produce is picked to order and packed ready for dispatch from Wednesday to ensure prompt delivery and optimal freshness. Orders for fresh produce close midnight Sundays. If wet weather prohibits us from picking, your order may be delayed. We will notify you in these circumstances.